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Gloves - Cactus SPG

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  • Gloves - Cactus SPG
  • $179.00
  • Durable, functional gloves with a very high lifetime to initial outlay ratio. With high quality leather and strategic palm reinforcing, good dexterity, and a cuff that really works, these beauties will keep your hands happy for a long time.


    - Lined with low absorption synthetic fleece, to keep your hands toasty
    - A full C-600 snow cuff to keep the white stuff out, with both a cinch strap and a draw cord
    - Cunning thumb seam design to protect this high wear area
    - SPG's can be re-proofed with a good boot wax like Cactus Waterwax. It's important to note that as SPG's are made of a natural material (cowhide) slight surface imperfections and variances in size may occur - this is all part of the fun and beauty of natural fabrics and is something to be applauded rather than denigrated.


    - Weight: 215 grams
    - Fabrics: C-600, Leather.

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